Improvements to the Manual Shaper

So yesterday I did a little more work to the manual shaper to reduce some of the play in the cross slide.

I removed the guide spacers and measured them against the cross slide rail. The rail measure 10.9mm while the guide spacers measured 11.9mm. So my movement was coming from the 1mm of clearance between the two parts.

I decided to machine 0.75mm off the guide spacers to create a 0.25mm clearance between the cross slide rail and the saddle / guides.

This made a massive improvement without completely locking up the saddle. Let me know what clearance you would have made?

First Cut using the DIY Power Feed & Making a 2 Piece Vice

Two piece vice – parts faced of using the power feeder to achieve the finish shown.

Following the making and fitting of my DIY Power feed to my milling machine, yesterday I recorded a new video showing how well the power feed works. It was one thing to move the empty table using the power feed but this didn’t demonstrate how the motor would perform under the cutting loads and resistance of material when milling.

In the video, to demonstrate the performance of the power feeder, I faced off a piece of S275 25mm square bar. I am pleased to say that the power feeder worked very well and showed no sign of a struggle at all. The finish achieved using the power feed was also a great improvement on that I have achieved by manual operation.

Once I was happy with performance of the power feed I set it to work on it first project. Making a 2 piece vice. I have a project coming up (next video) where I will be making a small manual shaper. Some of the parts needed to make this shaper are 8″ x 8″ plate and these will not fit in my machine vice. Also, I need to face these parts off so they cannot be clamped down to the table. Hence, I made a 2 piece vice. The Video is online now, check it out!