Drawings for the ‘Make Your Own Shaper’…… Shaper.

I have now completed the ‘Make Your Own Shaper’ YouTube video series! Go check it out if you haven’t see it already! https://youtu.be/oxzIVbL2ONw

In the first video of the series I said I would be making the drawings for the shaper available to purchase here on my website.

Now I’m not very good at putting a value on my work, so what I’ve decided is that if you would like the drawings, so that you can ‘Make Your Own Shaper’, simply make a monetary contribution to https://www.paypal.me/mrmechanical of whatever value you think is fair. Use the word ‘Shaper’ as a reference and include your email address, and once your payment is received I will email you the drawings.

All money received will support my YouTube channel and allow me to continue to make video’s like the ‘Make Your Own Shaper’ series.

With the purchase of the set of 26 drawings you will also get email support from myself should you need assistance.

Thank You!

Power Feed Bracket Plans – Free Download

As featured in one of my recent youtube videos – ‘DIY Power Feed For Milling Machine’, here you can download a free copy of the drawings I used for the bracket.

I made this power feed for a Warco GH Major milling machine but it may also fit other milling machines.

Parts Used:

100 x 50 alloy box section:

M8 Cap Head Screws